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The salmon dance – how did I miss this!

I was shown this hilarious video, and like most, found the blower fish had me in stitches every time he did his tang. Not only an awsome music vid and tune, but some magic 3d work to enjoy from effects masters FramestoreCFC I believe.?… Don’t know how i ever missed this on releases a few years back. Enjoy those quivering beat boxing lips….

The Chemical Brothers – The salmon dance
Uploaded by sabotage. – Watch more music videos, in HD!

Canon Stereoscopic 3d adventure….

Working along side our esteemed friends and colleagues Hurricane Media, we have produced stereoscopic 3d content to promote a new Canon Stereo 3d enabled projector system.  With an insanely tight turnaround, we produced 3 animated sequences in true stereo 3d.  Some serious hours and all nighters nearly took us down…, but we prevailed!

Stereoscopic content is  a labour, resource and time intensive process due to being a developing medium, so many positive lessons learnt…

We gained valuable knowledge and experience through consultations from Inition in London, who are front runners and the ‘go to people’ for anything Stereoscopic 3d in the UK.

We will be attending the Paris leg of the Canon global Expo’s  on the 11-12 Oct to view the work in all its glory!.

Effects from ‘Gojira Suit’ short film

Its been a long road, but Rob Bennetts short Film Gojira Suit is almost complete.  Here are some effects shots (minus audio) we’ve worked on.  Full of lovely green light!

Am looking forward to its release, and want  to wish Director Rob Bennett every success.

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