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Welcome FADP, farewell Freelance Animator…

I am pleased to announce the metamorphosis of FA Digital Productions Ltd, and a fond farewell to our trusted, but ultimaely out lived company name ‘Freelance Animator’.     We have a new multi platform site populated with our previous works, which we hope to expand as we grow and source new and exciting projects and collaborations in the coming months and years.  Shout out to team Yadda, the grafters who constructed our new site.  Have an explore, and lets begin!!!

Our new home can be found at

The salmon dance – how did I miss this!

I was shown this hilarious video, and like most, found the blower fish had me in stitches every time he did his tang. Not only an awsome music vid and tune, but some magic 3d work to enjoy from effects masters FramestoreCFC I believe.?… Don’t know how i ever missed this on releases a few years back. Enjoy those quivering beat boxing lips….

The Chemical Brothers – The salmon dance
Uploaded by sabotage. – Watch more music videos, in HD!

Muse at Glastonbury

Its good to see the Muse lads are still using the visual’s for their tune ‘Super Massive Black Hole’, that Dan helped produce in conjunction with ‘Creative Saint’ in London.

It was originally produced for their Absolution tour 3 years ago, and was revised for the Wembly Stadium shows in 2008.  It has since stood the test of time, and is still used as one of the most eye catching visuals in the set.

Great treat to see it on the BBC highlights show!.  If still available, you can catch it on the BBC iPlayer.


Love this stunning example of 3d, and an exquisite integration of  sound design.   Will be closely following Director Jean-Paul Frenay & team and his future creations….

Shout out for Mr Alex Metric

recently caught up with a good friend of mine from the golden days of youth, and watched him and his band perform under the alias Alex Metric.  You may have caught him as one of the new radio 1 team, and thinks he deserves a pimp up, cos he was brilliant!  The lads come a long way!  As this is a blog for all things animation,  his new video for single ‘It Starts’ is a wicked animated peice of mo graph….  Enjoy!!

Alex Metric – It Starts

Alex Metric | MySpace Music Videos

Back from Caribbean Visit!!

Unfortunately, just returned from my visit to Sir Richard Bransons private islands in the British Virgin Islands, after a trip to catch up with Freelance Animator co founder Kiain Bird.  All I can say is wow!!, and with enough projects and pennys saved, maybe I could buy and island next door!??!  Won’t bore or make you all jelous with loads of pics, but heres one of Dan gracefully teeing off the top of Necker Island with a hole in one into the……  Caribbean sea!!

Shot off Necker IslandNice!

More Power!!

We’re adding some more punch to the production pipeline, by adding some Boxx render nodes to the setup.  Rendering power is like cheese on a pizza, you can never have too much!! These new additions will add improved workflow, and greatly improved render times, particularly with HD projects…..

Yellow Cake

here is a cool video

DM Live

Here is nice video

FreelanceAnimator™ Re-brand

FreelanceAnimator™ has a re-brand & Flash web site by neue|output™ ready for a fresh web presence.