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Freelance Animator Reel 2011!!!!

The time has finally come! We have carefully cooked together work from the last year or so, plus a few golden nuggets, and out pops the new 2011 reel.. Having had a great year, and being occupied with some interesting projects, the collection of work got put on the backburner some what, but the wait is over! Hope you enjoy our new work, and awesome accompaniment, with special thanks to Alex Metric, his label and publishers for permission to use the music.

Freelance Animator 2011 Showreel from Dan Barker on Vimeo.

Music by Alex Metric (DEADLY ON A MISSION, written by Alex Drury, published by Bucks Music Group Limited courtesy of Marine Parade Music Limited)

The salmon dance – how did I miss this!

I was shown this hilarious video, and like most, found the blower fish had me in stitches every time he did his tang. Not only an awsome music vid and tune, but some magic 3d work to enjoy from effects masters FramestoreCFC I believe.?… Don’t know how i ever missed this on releases a few years back. Enjoy those quivering beat boxing lips….

The Chemical Brothers – The salmon dance
Uploaded by sabotage. – Watch more music videos, in HD!

Effects from ‘Gojira Suit’ short film

Its been a long road, but Rob Bennetts short Film Gojira Suit is almost complete.  Here are some effects shots (minus audio) we’ve worked on.  Full of lovely green light!

Am looking forward to its release, and want  to wish Director Rob Bennett every success.

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Gojira Suit – London Film School short…

FA will be supplying some of effects shots for Rob Bennets short film ‘Gojira Suit’.  Although completion date is still up in the air, it will be played across all major UK film festivals.  It is being edited by Paul O’Connor of Mechanical Mouse in Bristol, and is currently in post production.  Watch this space for further info and news on the production.

Peugeot RCZ video

FA have helped with the new Peugeot RCZ promotional web video before the launch of this snazzy new model. We worked with our friends just down the road Hurricane Media, and provided the light art streaks, through tracking light artist Michael Bosanko’s strokes.  It was great to see Michael at work to produce the end shot of the video. You’ll probably be familiar with his other commissions through the Talk Talk and the X Factor light art stings (visit Top guy, and real pleasure to watch work.. Clever stuff! Here’s the link to the video